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Leaving a Legacy for Years to Follow

Scholarship winners

The Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation Scholarship gave 29 graduating seniors the opportunity to attend Macomb Community College.

In May 2017, the Macomb Community College Foundation announced that 29 graduating seniors representing each of the public high schools in Macomb County received the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation Scholarship—a scholarship that would allow them to attend Macomb Community College and pay for their tuition and other educational expenses at a value of $6,000/year for up to two years. This scholarship is the first of its kind at Macomb Community College, thanks to the generous $360,000 commitment from the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation.

Kathy and Jerry Wood were married in 1968. In 1970, they established the first in-water, all sailboat show in Annapolis Harbor. The show revolutionized the boat show industry. Within a few years, consumer demand led to the establishment of a second show, the United States Powerboat Show. These shows are still the largest of their type in the world. Kathy and Jerry were credited with helping to establish and shape the modern recreational boating industry, and were major contributors to the growth of Annapolis as the "Sailing Capital of America."

Jerry passed away in 2003, and Kathy in 2005. The Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation was established in 2006 through the wills of the late Kathy and Jerry Wood. The majority of their estate was left to establish this Foundation whose mission is to "aid and assist in charitable and educational activities for the moral, mental, intellectual and physical development of young men and women of the United States." Although the two never had children of their own, they employed and mentored more than 3,000 young adults throughout the years and found pride in assisting young adults in developing strong work ethics and responsibility to become well-rounded people.

The 29 students who received the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation Scholarship at Macomb Community College will begin their academic journeys this fall, with the burden lifted of how to pay for classes, fees and other educational expenses. We wish them all the best as them embark on their paths, and graciously thank the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation for all that they have done for these student recipients, their families and for Macomb Community College.

Impact Students' Lives

Like Kathy and Jerry, you can leave a lasting impact on students' lives far into the future. Please contact Brianna Bentley at 586.445.7302 or to learn more today.